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  • 2009-2011

    Community First

    In 2005, Tim Gifford and Brandon Carlson were practicing a new form of software project management and delivery known as Agile Software Development. While it was effective, this approach was relatively new at the time and not very well understood by the Des Moines, Iowa technology community. This was unfortunate since Agile was helping improve quality and time to market of many organizations around the world. They decided to make it their mission to help spread the word on this new and innovative project management approach within central Iowa and, with the help of others, founded Agile Iowa, a local community group dedicated to promoting these techniques.

  • March 2011

    Lean TECHniques is born

    Their work within the community and nationally created a name for them and led to frequent consulting requests. In 2011, as interest in Agile soared, they founded Lean TECHniques, Inc. a management consulting firm serving the needs of organizations large and small as they started to adopt these new techniques.

  • December 2012

    Larger Family

    It wasn't long before their product line started to expand. Lean/Agile transformations require new skills, and many of the existing companies did not have these new skills. Lean TECHniques employees did. In 2012, they started to add IT staffing services to their existing management consulting business. Unlike traditional staffing services, Lean TECHniques employees hit the ground running with all of the latest techniques already in place, reducing the cost of training for organizations that hired them, with teams of two out-performing teams of five from other consulting companies.

  • July 2013

    Custom Software Delivery Launched

    In 2013, their product line expanded again, in response to increasing demand for custom software development including web and mobile applications. Their reputation for delivering high-quality, valuable software and focusing on ROI rather than features was a key driver in this change.

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